Gruppe art work Kassel Germany 1987

Move on


Move On. Group Art Work, Kassel, Germany. Pumpehuset. Ein – Zwei – Drei – Production. Installation. Copenhagen, 1987.

I am a member of the art group Ein – Zwei – Drei – Production, as are the pictorial artists Trine Vester, Mikael Thejll and Liselotte Elley. We are invited to participate in a big international exhibition exclusively for art groups. The exhibition runs parallel with Dokumenta No. 8.

move-on-byg1 move-on-byg move-on-jan moveon-jan move-on-tegning

Move On is a video installation where you see a bridge/tunnel. In the centre of the tunnel a drama takes place between a man and a woman. They are locked up and cannot reach each other. They are each in their own box and the spectators are in the way, so they can’t make contact. Their mouths say after fixed intervals, “Move on, you are standing in my way, move on!”, and so the spectator has to move on …