Toldkammeret Culture house Helsingør 1994

An Ode to the Pig


I get the offer to make a video installation where I can use 140 TV-sets, 24 video tape recorders and a machine which can distribute the VHS-signals on the different screens following a computer-system established by me. A splendid offer. Usually it is difficult to get hold of good projectors for your video-works.

Time passes. Then I am asked to link up my video project with a cultural project, “Holland in Elsinore”. Well now, I think – I don’t want a wooden shoes and cheese context just because the Dutchmen built virtually the whole of the old Elsinore in ancient times. And I don’t want to give up all these lovely machines, so I begin to ponder on Holland and Elsinore.

I conclude that I want to examine Dutch and Danish pigs and see what differences and similarities, there are. I go to Holland, study and take a film of the phenomenon. I go to different places in the municipality of Elsinore and study pigs and their facilities, and I shoot and shoot. The result is half an hour’s changing pig patterns shown on 133 screens and 24 tape players.

The scientific and artistic part of the study came to the conclusion that there is no difference between Dutch and Danish pigs …

grise-1 grise-2 grise-4 grise-3