Toldkammeret Culture house Helsingør 2000

Formal Ramifications. Kulturhuset Toldkammeret, Elsinore. Acrylic on paper. DK, 2000.



 I get the idea that I would like to make an exhibition together with Niels Nedergård, Richard Mortensen, Bodil Nielsen and Niels Erik Gjerdevik, two deceased and two living pictorial artists. It seems to me that we cover much the same in painting. It would be interesting to see how each of the five artists takes an aspect of a painting and brings it into the whole. I figure that the exhibition will display something wild, even if the kind of painting we do is very controlled.


The art historian Marlene La Cour Rasmussen wrote of the exhibition: First and foremost we see action. The colours are intensified and a fire is lit under the turmoil of surface and space in myriads of forms and modulations. The eyes dance over the canvas seeking fixed points, structures and systems, exactly as the art historian E.H. Gombrich claims in his theories about the basic nature of sense datum. In his book on the formal principles of ornamental art he describes the innate urge to put the seen in order and perceive forms and coherence. Gombrich’s starting-point was decorative art with ornaments as the guiding element, but his general mapping of some of the fundamental effects and modes of operation in visual art is well suited as an opening line in relation to the art works shown in this exhibition because these five artists work with formal painting, which in many ways takes place exactly in the sphere between system and chaos.

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